mardi 26 avril 2011

A "lambris" story (another supa-heros victory !)

Since we are on Tuesday, I should have attended my English lesson today. But I did not because of Easter holidays (no lesson for two weeks). So I decided to write this post in English so as to practise a little bit though. (Amélie, you can correct my mistakes if you want to).

My dictionary told me that the English word for "lambris" could be either "panelling" or "wainscotting". I choose panelling.

Today was just one more 'painting day' in SupakAt Land. But not the kind of painting that I like. Ceiling one. And most of all, a panelling ceiling one aka 'holy sh**' to my point of view ;)

The seller of the painting shop advised me to use a primer first then as many coat of acrylic paint as needed. 

That primer is really expensive but really cool : a good covering, water-rinsing but on top of that : a pleasant smell. It is so rare that it needed to be mentionned. It smelled a sort of mint.  

I was terribly lucky today because my father helped me painting. That way, we have finished the two rooms that were to be done : the entry-kitchen and the guest room. More than 30m2. Of course, the roller did not reached the hollow areas so we were obliged to use a paintbrush to have them painted. And that's why it was so horrible : very long and harmful for the wrist, the arm and the shoulder. But we did it !!!

I feel really grateful for his help, not only for the spared pain but also for the motivation it brings to me. I would have become totally demoralized if I had to paint all this alone. 

Here are some (wonderful !!! ^^) pictures of what made my father and I day :

the guest room was painted this morning

the kitchen by 2.20 PM

the kitchen by 3.30 PM

the kitchen by 6.00 PM

A 48 hours drying is now necessary before the new coat.

As my father will have an apointment tomorrow morning with his doctor, I told him that tomorrow will be a day off because I suppose my wrist will hurt too much to work (other parts of the house are waiting for a fresh coat of paint : walls, doors…). I have some shopping to do for the house and if I can, my curtains to sew. Or if I feel like collecting stones in the garden, I can do it too…

I'm so busy with the works on my home that I start wondering what I will do when they are finished !

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